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Ours is a professional, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to space and water heating. Our focus is on a bespoke service to provide a match between building and heating requirements.

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How do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

It is a renewable energy system that provides heating and hot water using free solar energy from the air. This energy is converted to a usable temperature and can then provide all your heating and hot water requirements

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Eartheat Heat Pumps specialise in Air Source Heat Pumps for New Builds, Complete Renovations, Barn Conversions & Commercial Developments. We do not cater for Existing Dwellings unless a Complete Renovation is being planned.

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Heat Pump Installation

There are five stages which occur from the point of your initial enquiry to the final commissioning and your first practical usage of hot water and the heating of your building

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Air Source Heat Pump Products

Air Source Heat Pump Products Air Source Heat Pump Products

Heat Pump Enquiries

Heat Pump Enquiries Heat Pump Enquiries

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installations

Heat Pump Installations Heat Pump Installations

Air Source Heat Pumps

Welcome to the Eartheat Heat Pumps dedicated website for Air Source Heat Pumps. We have many years experience in this sector and can supply the following:


  • Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps
  • New Build Developments
  • Redevelopments of Existing Dwellings
  • Complete Renovations
  • Office Buildings & Large Enclosed Spaces
  • Public Buildings including Schools & Sports Centres


Installation of Air Source Heat Pumps


Please note that the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps within existing buildings should be approached with further advice being sought.

Eartheat Heat Pumps specialise in New Builds, Complete Renovations, Barn Conversions & Commercial Developments. We also cater for Existing Dwellings and also where a Complete Renovation is being planned.


Air Source Heat Pumps - In a Nutshell

Air source heat pumps are more efficient than oil, gas, and electric resistance heating in mild climates but they are less efficient than ground source heat pumps because a ground source heat pump draws energy from the ground which is warmer than the external air in winter. However, air source heat pumps are cheaper to install than ground source heat pumps as they avoid the cost of installing a ground loop. An air source heat pump is a type of heat pump which uses the outside air as a heat source or heat sink to heat or cool an interior space. Domestic hot water storage can also be provided.


An Air Source Heat Pump uses the refrigeration process and transfers low temperature energy to a refrigeration loop, compresses the refrigerant to a high temperature, and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating distribution system, or, in the summer, removes it from the home. A heat pump transfers energy in the form of heat from a cooler location to a warmer location. Systems normally range from a single 4kW unit to multiple units with a single controller producing around 300kW.


Air Source Heat Pumps - Bullet Points

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Lower Heating Costs
  • Utilises approximately 25% - 35% of the electricity of a standard electrically heating system for the same amount of heating, reducing utility bills
  • This typical efficiency compares to 70-95% for a fossil fuel powered gas boiler
  • Few moving parts, reducing maintenance requirements
  • As an electric system, no flammable or potentially asphyxiating fuel is used at the point of heating, reducing the potential danger to users, and removing the need to obtain gas or fuel supplies (except for electricity)
  • May be used to heat air, or water
  • The same system may be used as a cooler in summer, as well as a heater in winter
  • Can be utilised in conjunction with Underfloor Heating Installations, Solar Panel Technology and other Eco Friendly Heating & Hot water systems
  • Grants are being considered for this type of technology


Air Source Heat Pumps - The Technical Points

In the outdoor unit the refrigerant meets the outdoor air in the evaporator (heat exchanger). The air is drawn through the evaporator by a fan located on side of the Air Source Heat Pump. The refrigerant, which is in a liquid state absorbs free energy from the air and evaporates in this process. A sensor in the expansion valve ensures that the liquid refrigerant collects the correct amount of the 'free energy' before the refrigerant (now in a gas state) is led into the compressor. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant. The temperature of the vapour reaches approximately 100°C. The warm gas is then led into the condenser. The condenser is the heat pump's heat emitting part. In the condenser, which is a fully brazed heat exchanger in stainless steel, the refrigerant (gas state) meets the water from the heating system (radiators and/or floor coils). When the warm gas is cooled by the circulating heating water, it condenses into a liquid state.


Energy is emitted in this process to the heating system or the hot water. After the condenser, the refrigerant, which is now in liquid form, continues through a drying filter. The drying filter is used to collect any moisture in the system. After the filter it continues on to an expansion valve. The refrigerant pressure is lowered in the expansion valve. This also causes the temperature to drop. When the refrigerant has left the valve and passes the evaporator it changes to vapour again. This completes the refrigerant circuit. The expansion valve is equipped with a sensor (bulb) just before the compressor. The sensor controls the amount of fluid entering the evaporator.


Air Source Heat Pumps - Applications

Air source heat pumps do not incur any ground works cost for the installation and laying of pipe. The cost of ground works can be significant for ground source heat pumps. Air Source Heat Pumps provide a low cost solution for space heating and hot water. Return on investment against oil and LPG heating systems can take as little as five years. Air Source Heat Pumps are also suitable for hot water and comfort cooling for both domestic and commercial use.

  • Air Source Heat Pumps Residential Dwellings
  • Multi-Apartment Dwellings
  • Multi-Story Dwellings & Apartments
  • Office Space
  • Commercial
  • Public Sector Buildings
  • Warehouse Space
  • Swimming Pools
  • Leisure Centres
  • Indoor Arenas


Air Source Heat Pumps - Anything Else?

Air source heat pumps also provide hot water from a pressurised system up to temperatures of 55°C which is suitable for domestic and business requirements. It may be appropriate to couple traditional heating technology to an air source heat pump to boost temperatures above 55°C. The fan intake system (outdoor air handling unit) is fixed to the outside of a building and requires no annual maintenance.


Air source heat pumps take energy from the air and raise it to a higher temperature, using a process which is similar to a reverse refrigeration process. For commercial and large spaces a row or bank of air source heat pumps (air handling units) will be required along with internal heat pump and pressured hot water tank for water supply. This system which uses no external pipes and most of the working elements reside within the building. The air handling unit draws air across the water-anti freeze solution and transfers this energy into the refrigerant. The refrigerant boils and the gases from this are compressed to produce temperatures in excess of 100°C. This part of the process mirrors a ground source heat pump. Air source heat pumps can be used where land space is restricted. Air sourced heat pumps can be used for room heating using the same distribution system as a ground source heat pump or a traditional system.


Air source heat pumps have no major parts outside exposed to the elements, the organ's compressor and circulation pumps are all internal. The intake fan is the only feature which is external and kept at optimum working temperature with the support of an internal defrost cycle system ensuring operation in all seasons. The internal defrost system uses the hot water collected by the air source heat pump as opposed to direct electric. Air source heat pumps should last for over 20 years with low maintenance requirements.


For more information about Air Source Heat Pumps and their installation and our range of Heat Pumps contact us on 01455 203017 to speak to one of our team or complete the enquiry form on the website.


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Self Builder Case Study

Self builder Bill Heath not only achieved his dream of building his own stunning timber frame house, but also created a larger home but with a smaller carbon footprint and less running costs into the bargain!


Right from the start, Bill and his wife Liz knew that they wanted their new home, which was built on the site of their old bungalow, to be more energy efficient, which meant that it needed a more efficient heating method than the oil fired boiler they had previously. Because of its village location, close to the city of York, the property did not have a gas connection and, with the rising price of oil, the couple felt there must be a better way of heating the property.


Mr and Mrs Heath designed the extensive 4,000 square foot property to meet their exact requirements with four spacious bedrooms, a cinema and a large atrium, along with double height windows across almost the whole frontage of the house. The architect recommended the supply the underfloor heating, which was powered by a highly efficient air source heat pump system, designed and installed by Eartheat Heat Pumps.


The underfloor heating is installed on both the ground and first floor levels and because heat pumps are so much more affordable to run, the heating can be left on all day, with the temperature controlled by an outside thermostat.


"We are delighted with our new heating system," explains Bill Heath. "We didn't know much about heat pumps before we built our own home, but we knew we wanted to save energy, reduce our bills and have less of an impact on the environment. We feel we have achieved all three and now have a home that is pleasantly warm all year round, at a fraction of the cost of conventional heating methods."


The heat pump, which is installed in the garage and with the air source collector unit outside, provides all the property's heating requirements, as well as its hot water needs. For every unit of electricity the heat pump uses, it generates three to four times that in terms of energy output, which makes it hugely energy efficient.

Bill is delighted with the heat pump, which he expects his fuel bills to cost him half as much as his bungalow did to run, yet the new property is twice the size! Having a heat pump fitted also means the property has a better rating on its energy performance certificate, which is better for the environment and a great selling point for any property if Mr and Mrs Heath ever decide to sell!


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Please browse our website for more information about Air Source Heat Pump Technology and our range of Heat Pumps then contact us on 01455 203017 to speak to one of our team or complete the enquiry form on the website.

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